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Well, after reading a handful of other artists' blogs over the last 6 months or so, I decided I really like the format to accompany my regular website and the myspace page (which I started to direct more traffic to my website, but I don't like posting too much work on there.)

I 'm going to post a lot more in progress projects from sketch to finish, and tattoos or drawings that I might not use on my website or want to post a little more info about than I would have on there.

Another goal is to at least post some random stuff that other artists at Little Vinnies have going on, too. There is a lot of sick tattooing going on there these days, but the rest of the crew is oblivious to documenting anything they do. Hopefully I can turn them around and perhaps start a shop blog, because there is a ton of custom stuff happening here.

I guess I'll kick it off by throwing out a sampling of projects that I've been busy with in 2009....

I did this thistle flower in Feb., it was her first tattoo, and my first thistle. This was one sitting, about 5-6 hours. The design is about 8-9 inches high, and stretched out quite a bit while I was working on her lower back....

I did this biomech skull on this kid in about 9-10 hours, over 2 sittings. The drawing on paper was probably about 9"x 12". These photos kinda suck, his arm was pretty beat up near the top when we finished, but there tho inly ones I got.

This is the first half of a full sleeve a started a couple months ago. He is getting a florida everglades related scene, this half features a snook fish,(his father's nickname was 'snook') along with some mangrove tree roots. The upper half is going to feature above and below water angles, along with a manatee and other stuff. He has pretty big arms, I'd say this was about 16 hours.

I just finished this green koi a few weeks ago. I couldn't find any examples of the existence of green koi, because I prefer to base tattoos like this in reality at least as far as authentic colors or markings. She insisted on this color combo, and I think it came out looking pretty cool. This was pretty big, from hip all the way down to the side of the knee. I split it up into a few sittings, and i think it took about 9-10 hours.

Another koi, this time a 3/4 sleeve. lots of fun, first time doing mums or an acorn, i think this took about 5-6 sittings, not sure anymore.

A little rose walk in action....

Business card design....I drew this for my business card, which embarrassingly enough, I've never had my own of in 11 years of tattooing (I'd lazily use the shop cards).
Thing is, I didn't like this design when it was shrunk down to card size, i drew it at around 5x7......so, I drew something else, and I think this is going on a tshirt and prints, with some lettering added in the banner....oh well.

alright, I think that's a good start, I got a few thing to add tommorow.


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