Fall 2012

Started this half sleeve a few weeks ago.
I"ve been working on the lower half of the Moby Dick sleeve I started a few years ago.

The other side.

The upper half of this arm.

New Print I have available in the webstore.

I love car tattoos!

Started a mech sleeve on frequent customer Jordan.

Started a back piece on longtime regular Danny.

Really fun one from this summer on a super tough customer.
Command center.
Finally got to do one of these, this guy's getting like ten old school sk8 graphics from me right now.

Logo for my wife's company.
This is for some new upcoming shit.


Print Store

I've added a link button on my site to my new store hosted by BIGCARTEL. This will provide a safe and easy way to order prints......I have 15 prints now, and soon will be adding t-shirts!!!



Busy Summer

   This summer has been full of all different kinds of projects so far...

I finished this brain repair rib tattoo... 
Cranked out this skin rip jam (lines already healed)...

Added this mech piece to Jordan's knee above a tattoo i did in '06...

Started in on the flowers and background of Britt's half sleeve...

Some lines from tattoos I don't have pictures of yet....

A flash sheet I painted for the Classic Electric Tattoo art show in Frederick, MD...
More lines from recent tattoos...
Painting I finished for a trade with Rich Handford, of Kapala Tattoo in Canada...
T-shirt design I just finished for a friend's podcast... I'll post when they are available.

And a little news, I will have a webstore live very soon for all of my prints, so check back!!


Starts and Finishes

Finished this car up, and added the old lamp post background, I'm actually doing the same tattoo on her husband , too, not as far along on that one though.
I started this pheasant half sleeve last week, In a few weeks, I'll be adding flowers and more rocks filling the rest out.
I drew on the inner piece to finish out James' biomech half sleeve I started last year.
Worked on Zoe's roses some more, next time I'll bring down some more roses lower, and add more leaves to the whole thing.
Started this guy, background coming soon.
Added this crab to the other side of this koi I started last summer, more water next time.
Added this hanya to Tiara's inner calf, I already did the other side, and will be adding sakura and wind next time to complete it.
A little one-shot mini-koi.
Finished off both half sleeves that I started on Nikki a few years back.
 Cameron stopped by to let me take healed pics from this last summer tattoo.
 End of the night walk-in skull.
 Next painting coming down the Pike.