summer tat zaps.

Whoa, I've been slacking on this thing...too much time lurking on other peoples tat blogs. Anyway, here's a few tattoos and a bunch of sketches from the last 2 months.
First up is probably my first dog portrait which I did on a walk-in of a boston terrier named gemini.

Next up is the line drawing for a bonzai tattoo I did on a girls back. I gotta get a healed pic of the tattoo, but I like the sketch.

Heres another Koi tattoo, had to fit 2 in a tight spot...

These are 2 Half sleeve drawings, the Tiger I've outlined, the Dragon appointment flaked....anyone need a dragon/water half sleeve.....?

This next project is in it's beginning stages, the client wants a giant jellyfish that starts on his thigh, goes right over his kneecap(yow!),and all the way down his calf/shin with twisty tentacles that will turn into syringes(!!!?), and then jam into his leg all gross like. So that's a pretty crazy request and takes a big drawing. So far, I've outlined and colored the top portion, all on the knee in about 5-6 hours, this part alone is about the size of a letter sized sheet of paper. There's gonna be a lot of black/dark blue back round behind this part, and the lower part will get lighter.

This sketch was the early idea for the jelly, but didn't fit as well...

Lastly, I have the line drawing from this little skull with water I did near an elbow, surrounded by other tattoos, explaining the odd shape of this.