Fall Review...

took a roadtrip to charleston, sc around halloween.


lots of in progress pieces this month.

part of a leg sleeve i got goin' on, along with the phoenix on the back of the leg, the dragon has a body now, with inky sky backround....

another leg sleeve, a dragon koi will be on the other side...
a crazy russian dude got this snake, he's doin either another snake on the other side, or a wolf.
this is his first tattoo!!!
sketch for a raven half sleeve i've started.
this guy's going half sleeve with this, i already started the rocks and waterfall/bamboo backround.
based on some redrawn brian bruno flash....

poppy time.
admiral nelson's ship the hms victory from the battle of trafalgar, a damaged, sinking french ship will be on the other side.
another one of those 10 ideas in one piece tattoos, but i think i made it work.

moby dick half sleeve i just started, outer portion.





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