After a lot of pre print work, including piecing together 20 scans, I have prints of this dragon koi I painted this past summer.......17 x 22 textured art paper $60 plus shipping. Contact me at tatmaker75@gmail.com if your interested.
I received these awesome hand made machines from john moniz in an art trade.....they run as awesome as they look.
in progress half sleeve, still gotta finish the inside and touch up a couple spots.
I've finished a lot of new stuff in the last 2 months, but I need some people to come back in and let me get some healed pics. it's always dark out this time of year when i finish up, and i'm only good at getting fresh tattoo pics outdoors in the sunlight.
so, until then, that makes for blog posts of a lot of sketches and line drawings....

just finished this phoenix on a girl's back, still need some healed photos....
outlined this on a forearm, the start of a sleeve.
busted out this reaper in one shot....

outlined and black shaded this for red chris's ginger sleeve, those are ginger flowers in the hair.

some sketches for my new business card. the little machine and the lines are for the back.

the front.

been fooling around with some tilt shift on some photos i took.

A st. michael tattoo, and the line drawing from another.

what another hanya?
some weird eyeball flame deal i did on a chest.
just fit this skull pile in between some other tattoos on the forearm.
part of a guy harvery inspired fishing sleeve i'm doing, should have pics up of this soon, it's super bright!
some hot rod action on a bicep.
koi half sleeve sketch, just finished it up.

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