odds and sods...

so i finally tattooed uncle pauly the other day....
worked on ronnie's fishing half sleeve, one more sitting to go.
made this guy for part of my new site i am working on.
he should be in print form too (and maybe shirts), along with a finished version of the tat fink at the top of the page.
currently i am working on a new site that will be combining my portfolio site and this one into one, on a new platform, under the domain www.tatmaker.com
all the old blog posts and content will be imported into it, and so will the ability to follow.
 the new site will have more features, maybe have some video, and be designed with devices like the ipad in mind.
i've also added the twitter plug in to the right side of this column. i will be posting a lot more random photos on there, i've already been on there for a few weeks.
a little walk in eagle.
worked some more on bill's tiger sleeve, next up: some giant paws, rocks, and more bamboo.
lines for some recent random tattoos....
found this shellmech sketch from 2002 while i was cleaning out my art room, thought it was pretty crazy.
half sleeve of roses design from last friday's appt..
remember when all your customers looked like this guy??

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Jason Wilson said...

Shit dude, I thought that was Pauly for a minute....