update fest

 Gotta crank the pellet stove if I want to get any painting done this time of year.
Starting a new painting amidst the technology loop.
Main office at Tatmaker Industries.
It's important to sync bbqing with painting.
Prints of this real soon.
In prog. 7/10th sleeve.
Glenn's arm, part fresh, part healing, part healed.
In prog. mech coverup sleeve.

X-ray shells
In prog. St. Mike sleeve.

This is what happens when my appts. don't show up...
Print final help...
Finished up most of the Aaron Cain add on piece.
Thumbnail study and lines for some mech I did last year.

I gotta get finished pics of this thing.
Flowers are fresh, waves and lines still pealing.

Ballpoint boredom madness, this is usually happens when I'm on the phone.
Tattooed my take on the old jim phillips cory o'brien graphic, that was fun, did a lucero one too, but didn't get any pics.

It's the motion in the ocean, or something like that...
Dug out some flash originals from 1997, the designs on this sheet alone are literally on a few thousand people.
2003, hangs in my foyer...
New painting maybe?

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