mega coil!

In the last 2 months, i've been invited to participate in 2 art shows. this drawing is on it's way the the 'love thy neighbor' art show at mcinnis tattoo co in providence rhode island. it's one of john moniz's awesome jumbo single coil machines about 10 times actual size.

framed up and ready to go!

this one was for the 'maryland my maryland' art show held by bill stevenson of the baltimore tattoo museum.

it's one of seth ciferri's microjones tattoo machines done up paul rogers style
a little size comparison with another microjones.

finished up the upper half of bill's jumbo dragon sleeve.

finished out slade's koi.

worked on red chris's ginger sleeve some more, also outlined a woodpecker on the other side. still need to color in the pickled ginger in that jar.

martin stopped by to get some pictures of his sleeve a did a little while ago.

started another, you guessed it, koi half sleeve.....

did this sushi tattoo on christy from jack's bistro.....great restaurant in canton!

someone wasn't too into the ocean.
not sure what was going on here...

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