I outlined some mech a few weeks ago, shading coming up soon.

Another little practice painting.

I think I do one of these every summer.

A newly outlined mum/fern/water half sleeve.

A regular client of ours requested a Swampy skull on a swan body.....

It was a pretty big thigh piece, but we knocked it out in one sitting.

I found a line drawing of a peacock feather I did a year or two ago. It's from the side of the knee all the way up to the side of the hip, and partially incorporates/covers up a heart/name design the was already there. I need a finished pic.

well, it's a band aid.

For my dogs....

Juana vs. Shark

A hanya/samurai(??) I just outlined.

Tiara's roller derby pin up. Can't wait to finish this.

A tree full back piece I just outlined tues.
Gina's first tattoo, 6+ hour sitting, whew!

just some random ball point madness....

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