100 Degrees

100 Degrees is the temperature outside right now and a great Kyuss song....

I finished my fourth watercolor painting, I started it during the blizzards this winter, but it got sidelined for a while when I got really busy with appointments. It's really big for me, a whole sheet of illustration board, like 30"x40" or something like that. Got another one that size started now. This was like one big watercolor course for me, though I think it took about 50 or 60 hours from sketch to completion.....there are a ton of sloppy mistakes, but I figured out a lot of things I wasn't capable of before.
I got to work on the Moby Dick tattoo I started a few months ago, I still have the inside of the bicep, some pale tones to add to the gray in the whale next to the white parts, some sky, and leveling the background out around the bottom.
Another in progress shot of Slade's koi half sleeve....this was just his second sitting and we really hammered out a lot this time. Once again, the inside of the bicep, more waves capping off the top of his arm, and the fins are some of whats left, should finish it this month.
This reaper was really fun, but the pictures suck....the lines and black were already healed, the rest is fresh...I posted the sketch for this in a previous post.

Just another older line drawing I found in a drawer the other day, this was a half sleeve covering up an armband that had a little lasering done.....I like the way the head is looking back....Well that's all for now.

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