spring zaps!

Well time for some more posting, I've been letting the work pile up, and not just throwing it down on here.
We had a ton of snow in feb., so that screwed up a lot of appointments. Lots of just outlined tattoos out there, but not many finished pics. I did just do this cool pear as a walk in on saturday!
I finally finished Dwayne's leg, this started as just a Phoenix about a year ago, but later turned into a lower leg sleeve. Very fun! I'd say Dwayne is a good 6'4" or so, making this a very big tattoo! All rotary!! This pic is healed, healing, and still fresh.....
These are some roses I just outlined around a girl's bicep, fitting underneath another another tattoo...
I also just outlined this dragon koi on the other side of the leg as the gold koi I previously posted on here, this thing is wacky, I'd love to do stuff like this everyday!
This is some black and grey biomech i just started on the back of the arm in between another really big tattoo of a pocketwatch with a portrait inside.The elbow is where the big shiny thing is. I got about halfway through the shading, and should be finishing this in a few weeks.
Here's a dove with some impatiens I just did on Annie:

A little Grandpa tribute walk-in...
Worked on a gambling half-sleeve that I started like 2 years ago for a little while again, long ways to go, the dice and the chip were a lot of fun.


This train was painted for me in a trade by my friend RAMS, it's pretty big, about 16" long.
Working on a really big painting(for me at last), hopefully I don't screw it up too bad.

Time to break out the Big Green Egg!

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Colin McClain said...

that pear is awesome!